Teaching Staff

Our classroom structure is intended to provide as much one-on-one interaction as possible so each child gets the individual attention they deserve. Our Toddlers, Twos, Threes, and 4 Day Fours classes each have a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.  Our 5 Day Fours and TK classes share an Assistant Teacher, which gives our classes the following teacher to child ratio: Toddlers/Young Two's​ 1 to 4, Older Two's 1 to 5, Three's 1 to 6,  4 Day Four's 1 to 6, 5 Day Four's and TK 1 to 5

Toddlers/Young Two's (18-28 months)  

Ms. Cat and Ms. Holly teach our Toddlers/Young Two's class.

Older Two's (29-35 months)

Ms. Wanda and Ms. Edna teach our Older Two's class.


Ms. Kristin and Ms. Trevia teach our 4 Day Three's class.


Ms. Debi and Ms. Debbie teach our 3 Day Three's class.



Ms. Page and Ms. Summer teach our 4 Day Four's class.


Ms. Maria and Ms. Kim teach our 5 Day Four's class.


Ms. Kim's 5 Day TK class.

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