Ms. Edna:  "My youngest daughter attended Children of Faith Preschool, and I knew this would be the perfect place for me to work.  I absolutely love children, and it is so rewarding watching them learn and grow."

Ms. Cat:  "In my classroom I use my knowledge, creativity and genuine love for the children to create a place both toddlers and parents love.  I love teaching little ones.  You can expect your child to spend the day playing, creating their own art, singing and enjoying story time.  And getting a lot of TLC!"

Ms. Wanda:  "I am the lead teacher in the Two's class.  Being at Children of Faith since its opening in the Fall of 2006 has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I thank God for the opportunity to teach, nurture, love and care for the children.  I am dedicated to helping each of them grow and develop both socially and emotionally.  I have formed lasting bonds with the children and their families that I will treasure forever.  I love teaching, but more important than that, I love the children!"

Ms. Jean:  "This is my 12th year as an assistant with Children of Faith Preschool.  I love coming to work because it's so much like spending time with family.  We have the most incredible staff, who are truly dedicated to teaching.  The best part of working here is getting to spend time with the children and helping them learn their ABC's, their 1,2,3's and some really great bible verses; as well as the fantastic crafts and other special activities."


Ms. Debi:  "I've been teaching for over 15 years in early childhood education, mostly because I feel it is the calling God put in my life.  My love of children and my love of education have made it such a joy!  Seeing children light up when they start understanding something is such an amazing thing to be a part of.  Doing this in a Christian environment has been freeing.  I truly enjoy my job, and the little gifts I have to teach every year!"

Ms. Kristin: "I have been teaching preschool for 10+ years.  I love watching the children grow and learn throughout each school year.  I am excited to be teaching at Children of Faith and I thank God for blessing me with teaching your children"


Ms. Trevia:  "This is my fourth year as a full time assistant in the threes class. I have substituted at Children of Faith and knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this preschool. I love God and children, and this was the perfect fit for both. It's such a blessing to see God's little children learn and grow to love Him more".

Ms. Page:  "I enjoy working at Children of Faith because it is a blessing to come to work everyday and see all of the happy little faces.  Just seeing the children smiling puts a smile on my face."

Ms. Maria: "I love teaching at Children of Faith Preschool!  Having two teachers in each classroom allows more time to help each child with their individual growth.  Seeing the development in each child from September to May is very rewarding.":

Ms. Kim:  "This is my 11th year at Children of Faith preschool.  I started working at the preschool when my youngest son was in the TK class.  It was such a good experience for him that I decided this was where I wanted to work.  I have had several sets of siblings in my class, and I have enjoyed getting to see the different personalities.  I really love seeing how the children grow from year to year.  It is really great to see a child realize they can read.  The support we get from our parents makes it really easy to be a part of COF Preschool."